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Kym (Coratin) Walker
Kym (Coratin) Walker

Screenshot: David Bowie Radio 4 (7.15 pm this eve) = fantastic listen!! Film/performance/narrative - all the stuff Bowie did ... there's a current season of Bowie on Radio 4. His influences and connections ever-surprise. This particular session excellent especially re Tilda Swinton (a fiercely intelligent actor) - they were very good friends. I think one of the things that particularly struck me was his 'freshness' and 'collaborative energy' being discussed, his 'giving' - I love that. The series is well worth a listen - an indulgence and lovely evocation of an artist who was, well, 'sans frontiers'. (p.s. Bowie once kissed my hand during a Pogues gig at Shepherd's Bush Empire - quite some years ago now! One of my hands remains less washed than the other to this day!).

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