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Artist Talk with Nicola Tassie

9th June 3pm

Cross Lane Projects

Cross Lane



Artist talk with exhibiting artist Nicola Tassie and curator Rebecca Scott

Curated by Rebecca Scott, this new group exhibition foregrounds the diverse ceramic practices of four leading contemporary artists: Lawson Oyekan, William Plumptre, Nicola Tassie and Gavin Turk. Cross Lane Projects is one of several contemporary galleries showcasing an exciting mix of clay work at the moment, positioning what perhaps previously would have been seen as ‘pottery’ in dialogue with more conceptual art works. Nicola Tassie (b.1960) is a London based ceramicist whose work integrates the traditions of studio pottery, with a conceptual and material exploration of the nature and function of form and aesthetics. Tassie has created a new body of work specifically for this show that confronts the relationship between the interior domestic scene and exterior landscape. Familiar domestic pots are piled up and arranged into larger scale works that specifically reference dry-stone walls, steppingstones, and gateways. Serving as both boundaries and entries, the works suggest ideas of containment and aspiration, and the contested definition between craft and art. Join the artist and curator for an informal walk through of this new exhibition in Kendal.

Priscilla Edwards
Priscilla Edwards

This is only a couple of days away!



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