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Hi All

This is this month's upcoming events, please leave comments. Its great to get feedback from anyone who has attended an event and found it useful!

Many Thanks

Look forward to hearing form you.



May 2024


2rd -5th May 2024


From 2nd May 2024


Online Workshop

4th May 2024



7th May 2024

12.45 -1.30pm


Until 18th May 2024


21st – 25th May 2024


23rd May – 2nd June 2024


8th June 2-4pm 2024


Until 26th May 2024


Until 7th June 2024


Until 1st September 2024

Do Ho Suh | Tracing Time
Do Ho Suh | Tracing Time
The Observer The Scotsman London-based Do Ho Suh (born 1962, Seoul) is one of the world’s leading contemporary artists. This expansive exhibition explores the foundational role that drawing and paper play in Suh’s artistic practice, focusing on his collaborative methods, experimental techniques, and innovative use of materials. Suh creates engaging and imaginative artworks that ask questions about home and identity. ‘Home’ is so much more than the place you live. Your own version of home is a fundamental part of who you are, influenced by your day-to-day life and your deepest memories. Do Ho Suh explores some of these fascinating ideas in his first solo exhibition in Scotland, taking over an entire level of Modern One. The exhibition presents the artist’s complex and compelling thread drawings – in which cotton thread is embedded in handmade paper – alongside architectural rubbings, paper sculptures, cyanotypes, printmaking and watercolours. There is also an immersive installation of Suh’s famed ‘hubs’, life-size sculptures that recreate physical spaces in colourful, translucent fabric. Visitors to the exhibition can enter and move through this innovative reimagining of places meaningful to the artist and his life.This installation is designed to be viewed from the outside or the inside. It is accessible to standard sized wheelchairs (the passage is 79 cm wide at its narrowest point. At busy times we may have to close or restrict access to the inside. For more information please contact


Until 27th October 2024



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