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TAPE collective - Artist talk 9 March 2022

Please find attached slides, a link to the recording and other relevant links below for the above event.

It was a great session that was just too short, TAPE are doing really great work.



Homeland Trilogy

(UK 2017 Dir Asena Nour Oyzoyn 7 min)

A trilogy of short documentaries ('Fatherland', 'Motherland', 'Homeland') mapping out the personal migration stories of the filmmaker's family, as well as a look at a generation of young Muslims in multicultural London.

Watch here

Taarof: A Verbal Dance

(UK 2018. Dir Alannah Olivia. 17min)

A young woman attends the funeral of her estranged father and trips on the customs and traditional ideals of what it is to be an Iranian woman.

Watch here

Mother’s Apricot Compote

(UK 2020. Nia Fekri. 23 min)

A fragmentary narrative of two women whose lives are distant from each other yet hold traces of one another. This film conjures the ghosts that hover over the day to day lives of these two women; a rumination on the experience of the immigrant.

Watch here

Without Warning

(UK 2020, Emily Macrander, 7min)

Without Warning is about a girl who struggles to understand her heritage and identity as a sperm donor baby that grew up not looking like her parents. In an attempt to get to the bottom of ‘where she’s really from’, Ria approaches her Pakistani sperm donor father and hopes to learn more about her heritage through him

Watch here

Sorry, My Somali is not Very Good

(UK 2020. Warda Mohamed. 2min)

A young Somali woman has trouble with her mother tongue and gets the encouragement she needs on a phone call with her father.

Watch here

Once an Old Lady Sat On My Chest

(UK, 2017, Candice Onyeama. 13min)

A magical realism short about a young British Nigerian woman who is forced to deal with her identity crises when a mysterious old woman squats on chest.

Watch here

Rice & Bread

(UK 2019, Greta Griniute, 5min)

A monotonous night in a south London takeaway is ‘enlightened’ when a delivery driver is reminded of a contentious theory he learnt on YouTube.

Watch here

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17 mar 2022

It was a really great session!

Me gusta


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