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Kym (Coratin) Walker
Kym (Coratin) Walker

Yayoi Kusama's 'Infinity Rooms' at Tate Modern ... 5-star, must-see!!

It's well well worth the wait. The first showing earlier this year sold out. Tate Modern announced this second showing and thousands in the queue on Tate's online booking but eventually I got two tickets for myself and OCA photography student Liz Smith. The immersive installations are very small, the experience though is very big in a wondrous profound sense. 'Chandelier of Grief' was like stepping into outer space - into the cosmos, was magical, slightly vertiginous. I felt both humbled and yet vastly present amidst the myriad reflections of that single chandelier transposing into an alien spacecraft in my mind and transporting me across light years of time and space it seemed. 'Filled with the Brilliance of Life' (see above) was within a slightly larger space and induced more of a child-like wonder - aptly festive and Christmassy and gently disorientating - you have to be careful, walkways are edged with water channels. I thought about dipping my toe in, wondered how deep... Then you look up and around and you're in space again. Liz and I thought about going in for a second look though agreed the first was so deeply affecting we wanted to hold onto the initial magic - you can't open a present twice with the same surprise. 'Awesome' Liz said, 'totally' I agreed. Then we went quiet for a bit... 'Infinity Rooms' does that to you. It's on until 12 June 2022 - go, you must!

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