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Byron Writers Festival 2022

26 — 28 August

Featuring Trent Dalton, Hannah Kent, Bruce Pascoe, Indira Naidoo, Ben Quilty, Masha Gessen, Evelyn Araluen, Steve Toltz, Emily Bitto, A.C. Grayling, Julia Baird, Costa Georgiadis, Aaron Fa’Aoso, Jess Hill, Damon Gameau, Marcia Langton and many more. Byron Writers Festival 2022 Program is LIVE! Themed ‘Radical Hope’, dive in and discover the writers and thinkers who will inspire and uplift us this 26—28 August at Australia’s favourite regional literary festival. ‘Now is the time for a radical kind of hope, that imagines the world anew, that refuses to be defeated and finds delight and joy in everything this wonderful life and earth have to offer.’ — Zoë Pollock, Artistic Director At this year’s festival you will hear from social and environmental experts on how we can tackle the challenge that is climate change. You will be uplifted by listening to our most gifted storytellers explaining how they celebrate the human condition and render our experiences so magnificently on the page. You will meet talented emerging and established writers who are challenging the status quo. In hearing and engaging with these ideas you are playing your part in making the world anew.

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