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For anyone who didn't get a chance to attend our workshops with Diversity & Ability:

Thu 30th September 12:30-13:30 (Inclusion Week) Session 1: Dismantling Bias & Celebrating Diversity

Thu 28th October 17:30-18:30 Session 2: Intersectionality, What Is It & Why Is It Important? Thu 25th November 17:30-18:30 Session 3: Managing Stress & Anxiety In Education Thu 16th December 17:30-18:30 Session 4: Changing The Way We Understand Disability Thu 27th January 17:30-18:30 Session 5: Inclusivity Through Accessibility

You can access the slideshow presentations from all of the events here:


Within this group you'll find recordings of study events and...


  • 3 Jul Wed | 'Speed Portrait Drawing to Music'

  • true | 'OCA Technology Support Workshops'

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