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Louise Bourgeois: Doodling & The Unconscious

26th May

Join LDG’s Luisa MacCormack as we explore the world of the inimitable Louise Bourgeois! Known for her site specific and monolithic sculptures, her haunting installations and her skill as a sculptor, unbeknownst to many, Louise Bourgeois’ oeuvre also includes a collection of literally thousands of drawings. Made over the span of her seventy year career, Bourgeois’ drawings are perhaps the most immediate of the artists’s works - often created late at night whilst suffering from insomnia, or as a kind of creative diary, the drawings explore universal and deeply emotional themes, all through the medium of doodling. This class will explore Louise Bourgeois’ obsession with Drawing through a series of mindful drawing exercises, working both from imagination, some of Bourgeois’ own writings, and from her oeuvre, expect a series of unusual therapeutic exercises designed to make use of drawing as a cathartic tool.


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