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Discord Chat App - What is Discord?

Some of you will already know and indeed be members of our student-led Discord server. The rest of you may be asking, ‘What on earth is Discord?’. I wanted to let you all know about it, as it has been such an invaluable space for me and countless others during my studies and it may be just what you are looking for.

What is Discord? – Discord is a group chat app that you can download to your computer and your phone. It has a private server run by individuals that can modify the chat space to cater for the needs of it’s participants.

What makes it special? – Our Discord channel is currently a 567 member strong and continuously growing space for our student community. The app allows the owners of the ‘server’ to create ’rooms’. For instance we have rooms for different course pathways so that you can discuss topics specific to your course. There is also a hobbies chat, a new student introductions thread, a motivation chat and a general chat amongst others. It is a positive and inclusive safe space for students and is moderated to reflect this.

Who runs it? – The Discord server is run and moderated by dedicated students and is not run or managed by the OCA. It is a student only space and no OCA staff are involved. It is managed by students for students.

Who can Join? - Anyone currently studying at OCA whether they’re studying for a undergraduate, masters or a foundation degree. Whilst the server is named after the Visual Communications based degrees (as that’s where it started) students are welcome from any other degrees.

There is also a separate Photography Discord server which is a smaller community. However, photography students are welcome on both.

This sounds amazing! How can I sign up? You can join the server by clicking the link below:

OCA Visual Communications Server (Open to all):

OCA Photography Server:

If you have any questions you can contact Katie Thompson, who is one of the moderators at:

We really hope you will join our student community, so that we can continue to support each other on this amazing journey as OCA students.

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