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Femmer: The Paper Edge Storm

'Digital Scream’ digital collage/painting, from Femmer, 2023

The ink storm traveller gazed across paper fields where faded vowels clumped in time-spun obituaries, and the twisted roots of war arose boldly. The storms shifted across the landscape – shadow puppetry before her eyes, passing over printed swards of raining revelations. Unveiled truths flashed over folds and inky recesses, across shadows fading into the light where political puppet strings cut torment into her soul. Light seeking, her heart breaks into a thousand splintered continents, worldly consonants fragmented by broken voices, the silence choking. Face to face with a shadowy reflection, her fears fall like rain, arriving in floods where a city balances on a knife edge, a paper-edged tempest. Where violence finds its countenance with one slip, and the gushing torrent of ink spills. Listening, lost, her eyes walk one step closer, eye to eye, meeting The Eye in resonance, standing at the precipice of time and place. The Paper Edge Storm.

Femmer navigates fragility and courage through multimedia artistry. It is a digital symphony of emotion and contemplation; it emerges as a powerful testament to the human spirit amidst the tumultuousness of contemporary life. Femmer is a digital artwork, a multimedia website archive, crafted through a fusion of collage, digital drawing, poetry, and moving images. As an interdisciplinary work, Femmer transcends creative boundaries to encapsulate the visceral essence of my emotions in the face of current global issues and events.

At the heart of Femmer lies a dramatic shift in tone, a choreographed journey that juxtaposes fragility and fortitude in a bold dance of contrasts. The very essence of the word Femmer reveals itself when the work is seen and serves as a poignant anchor that will guide you through a paper edge storm, navigating the intricacies of the human condition with paper and ink as your compass.

Femmer screams as a work of visual poetry and sound art, orchestrating a visceral experience. It invites you to traverse the floods and deserts of human emotion as an exploration of the inner self. We live in times of both dissonance and harmony. I hope that Femmer reveals a profound reflection on the complexity of our shared reality. Traversing a paper edge tempest is never an easy journey. It is a mirror that reflects the multifaceted nature of our emotions, urging us to embrace vulnerability as a catalyst for resilience in the face of the prevailing storms.

Femmer stands not merely as an artwork but as a testament to the enduring capacity of the human spirit to face harsh realities and emerge with resilience. My hope is that Femmer embodies the transformative power of art and word to forge indelible connections, to transcend the digital canvas to resonate within the heart.

Femmer is the first official artwork of my Creative Arts degree and happily marks the completion of my first unit! It was mind and heart-growing work with equal measures of enjoyment! Thank you for reading. Please provide feedback about Femmer for my reflections – there is a ‘Femmer Thoughts’ comment area at the end of the work – click ‘Think it, say it’. Alternatively, please email me: – You could let me know how Femmer has impacted you – and any other thoughts are very welcome.

Note that Femmer contains sensitive content on the themes of war, violence and sexual abuse. It also comes with an epilepsy warning; for an alternative version, drop me an email. – Tricia

View Femmer Artwork Gallery to see some of Femmer’s artwork.

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