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OCA Degree Show Showcase 21/22

Welcome to our online Degree Show Showcase 21/22 where we are celebrating a number of our graduates from across six of our degree programmes. Click here to visit the site.

OCA Principal Will Woods says; “This portfolio from our recent graduates represents work which is as diverse and unique as each OCA student. Every student journey is different and these students have all had to overcome the challenges of the pandemic alongside degree study, which for many of them also means fitting study around work and family commitments. I am immensely proud of their achievements, and wish each of them success in their professional practices. As these graduates have explained, we create and shape our world as our world also shapes us; with that in mind please enjoy the experience of immersing yourself in their work.”

You’ll also find a selection of work from 20/21 Degree Showcase participants.

You are welcome to peruse our Alumni sites however we unfortunately cannot guarantee their links remain live.

Click here to download our 21/22 exhibition catalogue

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