Periodic Review SA Update: June 2021

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

What is happening?

Positive changes seem to be happening across OCA, with more group sessions now taking place across Programmes, inc some tutor involvement, giving students more opportunity to meet each other, share work and study together. Hopefully, we will get more tutor involvement, I believe the OCA is working on this after feedback received from you all, thank you all for participating in this. Many programmes now offer ‘Q & A open session’, where students can speak to their Programme Leaders directly as well as meeting other students, this is great progress and is needed so much within our virtual learning environment, helping us come together and keep in touch.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Many units are currently being updated...good news! As so many links etc within the coursework material are out of date and don’t actually work.

Programmes under periodic review

Some OCA Programmes have lately gone under periodic review, with changes scheduled and planned to take place 1st September 2021. Other Programmes are currently going under periodic review, so we have been informed these changes are unlikely to take place before the 22/23 academic year at the earliest.

As it stands, OCA has 3 units at Level One, 2 units at Level Two and 3 units at Level Three. (3.2.3). Analysis of student journeys through the Programmes has shown that students can often struggle with the change in the tempo of study when moving from Level One, 3 x 40 credit units to the longer Level Two, 2 x 60 credit units and then back again at Level Three. The curriculum will move towards a more regular tempo of study, where all levels will have 3 x 40 credit units.

Once courses are developed, students will transition across to this new format once they have successfully completed Level One. If students have already started Level Two (2 x 60 credit units) when these changes go live, this will not affect you: you will continue with these 2 x 60 credit units.

We do have voluntary students, taking time out of their busy schedules to act as Co-opted reps for some of these Programmes, whilst these changes are going under review. They will be working alongside Programme Leaders and fellow students. Should any student not understand how these changes may affect you, please feel free to get in touch with the Co-opted Programme rep (see below for further information), or myself you can take any queries up directly with your Programme Leader via the OCA Learn forum or ‘Q&A open session, should this be available on your OCA Learn Programme timetable.

1st September 2021

Programmes changing from 2 to 3 units at Level Two

Photography; Co-opted Programme rep - Michael Green

Vis Comms; Co - Studies rep - Vivian Spry.

Creative Arts; Co - Studies rep - Vivian Spry.

Painting; Co - Studies rep - Vivian Spry.

Creative writing; Co - Studies rep - Vivian Spry.

Textiles; Co - Studies rep - Vivian Spry.

Programmes currently under periodic review. Changes scheduled to take place no earlier than the 22/23 academic year

Illustration; Co-opted Programme rep - Emma Clements. . (Emma is also our Co - Accessibility rep)

Graphic Design; Co-opted Programme rep - Craig Roberts.

(Craig is also our Co - Brand Design rep/consultant)

Drawing; Co-opted Programme rep - Sarah Davis.

Fine Art; Co-opted Programme rep - Felicity Talman.

Music; Co-opted Programme rep - Emma Arandjelovic. (Emma is also our Social & Comms rep)