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Photography Student Stories - Zine special

Luke Shephard and Morris Gallagher

Luke Shephard: The Food Bank Photo Project

Times are tough and what started out as an assignment for my photography degree has grown into a project that I have continued to pursue. Taking pictures of the locations of food banks around the UK. These are not pretty pictures, but they are important pictures of places where those in need can get what they need to feed their families for a few more days. When I started this at the start of 2022 there were 2300 locations listed. In July 2022 that number had grown to over 2800 and I fear things are only going to get worse as the cost of living crisis in the UK worsens. This is my zine; Twenty-five Food Banks which I hope can start to help people during the UK’s cost of living crisis. 65% of proceeds going towards a food bank donation, and the remaining 35% going back into further printing.

Find out more about Luke’s project:

Find out more about the #communityfridge Network:

Morris Gallagher: Break Point

I’m Morris, an NHS GP working in the northeast of England. I’m an experienced primary care researcher, substance misuse practitioner, and have developed groups for people with chronic pain ( I also appraise and support other doctors for NHS England. Retired during the pandemic after a period of shielding, stress, and burnout, but back enjoying working two days a week as a GP.

My final year work is a zine targeting help and advice at doctors who think that they might be stressed or burnt out. It is a self-publication and can be bought or downloaded free from my support site Anyone with work stress would find it helpful. The zine is a marriage of image and text with an interview with a consultant psychiatrist / psychotherapist who treats stressed and mentally unwell doctors. It is a better product because of my collaborations with a mental health charity, zine and web designers, communication and marketing consultants and the distressed doctors who shared their experiences.

Find out more about Morris' work


Are you a zine making student? If you have a digital copy you would like to share with us, we will create an archive and link to your work. Email if you are interested.

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