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Keeping up Momentum

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Helen Rosemier
Helen Rosemier

The next ‘Keeping up Momentum’ session, with OCA tutor Hayley Lock, titled Something Missing? will explore the theme of absence and presence, looking at extraction, omission, transience, permanence, visibility and invisibility.

From Yves Kleins Invisible Paintings (1959) and John Cage's famous silent piece titled 4’ 33” (1952) to Marina Abramovich’s The artist is present and Martin Creed’s famous Work No. 227: The lights going on and off we will look at how the economy of an idea through making can empower both the artist and viewer in equal measure.

In the first session, you will be introduced to the topic through a visual presentation to set the scene and get you to think about how you might look at the theme of absence and presence in your own work. After the presentation, you will be given some instructions to play around with some of the ideas mentioned so do bring…

Helen Rosemier
Helen Rosemier

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    Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...



    • 15 Jun Sat | 'Pixel, Palette & Pitch: The Art of Seeing Sound '

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