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OCASA Student Experience Survey - the results

On March 16 2024, The OCA Student Association conducted a survey for students of all levels and from all programmes of study.

Questions related to:

  • Course Material

  • Tutor experience & Feedback

  • Assessment

  • OCA Platforms including Library

  • OCA Support

  • Sense of Belonging

  • General Feedback

There were 271 responses. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Whilst this is only representative of a snapshot of the student body many of the comments are similar across Departments which suggests both our accolades and issues are institution wide. 

In general people enjoy the flexibility, the accessibility of OCA’s learning and teaching model, the quality and support from our tutors and the events whether through departments or OCASA.

Students who didn’t feel courses were good value for money or who wouldn’t recommend OCA, largely commented on the need for more resources including lectures and seminars, overwhelmingly the need for more tutor contact and support while studying and a level of inconsistency in the quality of learning materials. Students also had some complaints regarding contact times with OCA HQ and the disparity in fees between UK and international students.

With regard to Academic survey responses each Course Department has received a breakdown of their feedback including all relevant comments unedited.

And all Operational Staff have received feedback relevant to their areas.

We’ve included some of the responses below to selected questions and will post a response from OCA teams following this article. And we’ll also be launching our inaugural Student Voice Festival, happening 8-19 July 2024. The line-up will be in your inboxes before the weekend and there will also be a designated page on this site.

Do you feel like the explanations and exercises in your course are clear and thorough?

Do you feel like the course material is interesting and useful?

Do you feel like you constantly improve in your course?

Do you feel like you are given enough time to complete your course?

Do you think your course has created sufficient opportunities to discuss your work with other students?

Has your feedback been prompt?

Has your feedback been useful?

Do you find your tutor helpful to you? Do you feel encouraged and supported by them?

There is sufficient contact time (virtual/online) between tutors and students to support effective learning

Did you feel supported by your course department in the assessment process? (If students have been through the assessment process)

Do you feel like OCA-related websites are easy to navigate?

I am aware of how to access the support services at OCA

Do you feel like OCA Student Association has been helpful to you in regards to finding new events to attend, sharing student stories and facilitating collaboration and connection between you and other students?

Do you feel a sense of belonging and community at OCA?

Have you ever experienced bias or prejudice coming from tutors/OCA staff that you feel like was motivated by your race, ethnicity, age, gender and/or gender expression, sexuality, or any disability/condition you might have?

Have you ever experienced bias or prejudice coming from other students that you feel like was motivated by your race, age, ethnicity, gender and/or gender expression, sexuality, or any disability/condition you might have?

As things are right now, would you recommend OCA to people who want to study art related courses?

Do you think OCA courses are good value for money? Please note this question was asked before the 24/25 fee announcement.

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