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Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Calendar 2024 - Send us your work


Did you know that International Pronouns Day is the third Wednesday of October each year or that December 3rd is the International Day of People with Disabilities? In the UK Black History Month is in October, Neurodiversity Celebration Week is in March together with International Women’s Day on the 8th. Across March and April 2024 members of the Muslim community worldwide will observe Ramadan and June is Pride Month. These are just some of the important dates around celebrating and raising awareness of important religious, cultural, international and health-related events. The OCA & the OCA Student Association believe in building an inclusive and respectful community and we want your help in putting together an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion calendar for 2024.

The brief

We are looking for submissions of work to illustrate and highlight some of these events. We’ve included a comprehensive list below but feel free to research and highlight a date of your choice. Work can be in any medium including creative writing and music, you just tell us how your submission correlates with your chosen event in a sentence or two. Images must be JPG or PNG, 300DPI and original files if possible. Submissions need to be received by 30 November 2023. Please email them to We welcome contributions from across the OCA community including students, alumni, tutors and HQ staff.

Selection process

Work will be selected by members of our OCA EDI Group and we will be seeking student selectors to help out. Where possible we will include an image submission together with a writing/music submission for each month and submissions may be published on the OCA Student Association blog and Instagram. A digital copy will be made available across the OCA community.

Suggested events to research

This list is not exhaustive and we encourage you to reflect on your own identity and cultural experiences whilst choosing a celebration or observance to base your submission on. There are likely to be many more that we have missed out in this list. Please feel free to research any dates that are more relevant to your life. Please be respectful and mindful of any community you may be portraying, seek permission/consent if necessary and check your bias before sending. We will not accept submissions which express prejudice and discrimination, and reserve the right to refuse submissions.

January World Braille Day - 4th World Religion Day - 21st Martin Luther King Jr Day - 15th Holocaust Memorial Day - 27th

February LGBT History Month - UK only Chinese New Year - 10th International Day of Women and Girls in Science - 11th March Women’s History Month Zero Discrimination Day - 1st International Women’s Day - 8th Purim - 23rd-24th Neurodiversity Celebration Week - 13th-19h Trans Day of Visibility - 31st

April Autism Acceptance Month Eid al-Fitr - 9th-10th Passover - 22nd-30th Lesbian Visibility Day - 26th

May International Workers Day - 1st Deaf Awareness Week - 6th-12th Mental Health Awareness Week - 15th-21st International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) - 17th Global Accessibility Awareness Day - 16th

June Pride Month - Celebrated worldwide Autistic Pride Day - 18th Windrush Day - 22nd Stonewall Riot Anniversary - 28th

July Disability Pride Month Non-Binary People’s Day - 14th South Asian Heritage Month - 18 Jul - 17th Aug

August South Asian Heritage Month 18 Jul - 17th Aug United Nations Indigenous Day - 9th

September Ganesh Chaturthi - 7th International Day of Peace - 21st Bisexual Pride Day - 23rd

October Black History Month - UK ADHD Awareness Month Rosh Hashanah - 2nd-4th World Dyslexia Day - 4th Yom Kippur - 11th-12th National Coming Out Day - 11th World Menopause Day - 18th International Pronouns Day - 19th

November Diwali - 1st Stress Awareness Day - 6th Transgender Day of Remembrance - 20th

December World AIDS Day - 1st International Day of People with Disabilities - 3rd Hanukkah - 25th Dec - 2nd Jan Kwanzaa - 26th-1st Jan

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