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Arts & Environment: OCASA Summer Of Sustainability - Review & Resources

Updated: Apr 10

Over the course of the summer the OCASA has hosted a number of online and in-person sustainability activities. This has been our first OCASA Summer Of Sustainability.

These events were co-ordinated by Graphic Design Programme Tutor Dr Emma Powell, OCASA Environment and Sustainability Rep Ashley Mclaughlin and Quality Manager Joanne Mulvihill-Allen.

Catherine Byrne, Programme Leader Interior Design, kicked off the season with an in-person trip to the Serpentine Pavilion in London. Following this Andrea Norrington, Photography Tutor, ran a bookmaking session. The book structures created the basis for mini sketchbooks that reused waste materials. Liz Cashdan, Creative Writing Tutor followed by running two sessions exploring how poetry can promote sustainability. Next came Jenny Udale, Textiles Tutor, who created a Padlet and ran a session on mending and repair. The online sessions ended with Barbara Henderson, Programme Leader Creative Writing, running two workshops on climate fiction.

Links to the recordings can be found below:

Through OCASA and social media we have also shared the work of many OCA students who have sustainability at the core of their work. It has been heartening to see that so many of you integrate these themes and the reuse of materials into your work. Thank you so much for giving us an insight into your working methods.

Those who participated are:

Annalisa Mercuri

Angela Mullins

Anna Jeffrey

Anne MacLeod

Annette Holtkamp

Brindusa Burrows

Debbie Johnston

Dhama Thanigasapapathy

Eleanor Green

Elizabeth Hulatt-Richardson

Geraldine Leahy

Karen Allen

Katherine Pilling

Kim Appleton

Kinga Owczennikow

Lorna Hall

Marina Wittemann

Myfanwy Davies

Penelope Day

Penny Rowe

Rachael Barns

Rachel Whittaker

Sue Parr

Suzanne Conboy-Hill

Tabitha White

We also ended the OCASA Summer Of Sustainability with 30 days of online prompts for Sustainable September. You can follow the visual work of participating OCA students and staff on Instagram @ocastudentassociation.

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