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Photography Social Group Discord Channel

In an ever-increasing digital world, often bringing with it a greater sense of personal isolation, the OCA Photography Social Group hopes to break down barriers to a more connected, social environment where we can come together as fellow students and share our ideas and thoughts and hopefully take away some positivity and possibly some inspiration. The main way we are hoping to make things more social is through the use of the app, Discord, available on desktop and mobile devices. The Photography Social Group server is up and running and so far from testing, has been working well for connecting OCA students who want to talk about photography, or collaborate in the photography space. It's also great for sharing resources and receiving feedback on their work.

Discord is an extremely flexible, easy-to-use app and a great way to quickly get feedback. In testing our server has already been very active and we hope that over time it evolves and becomes even more active.

We hope to see you on the server so we can all help each other, share experiences, and pictures as we learn about this incredible subject! Join the server with the link below.

Download the Discord app here

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