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Student Experience Survey - Department Responses

Updated: Jul 4

Following our March Student Experience Survey - results of which can be seen on our blog post here, we asked OCA Academic and Operational teams to respond to students' feedback. 

Below, are the responses we have received so far, should we get anything further we will update this space. Owing to the length of the document we have attached it as a pdf. Please let us know if you’d like this in a different format. 

Throughout our Student Voice Festival we have some sessions lined up where you can give further feedback and hear from senior staff at OCA.

We hope the Student Voice Festival will become an annual event and together with OCA we will look at the different mechanisms for closing the feedback loop, embedding the student voice into developments and ensuring there is student representation within decision making groups.

Thank you to OCA Academic and Operational teams for taking the time to respond.

Department Responses (2)
Download PDF • 313KB

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